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The ladies of Gamma Delta Nasty — the Afterlife’s most exclusive sorority of “nasty women” — are having their weekly executive council meeting. When they learn of 2016’s most famous Nasty Woman, they consider the possibility of admitting a living member into their sisterhood for the first time ever. But the women soon learn that (after)life as they know it may be coming to an end…

Gamma Delta Nasty is a brand new, original play by New York-based actress/playwright/human woman Cait Kiley. Like many others, Cait was moved to deep reflection by our now-Commander-in-Chief's use of the phrase "nasty woman" to describe his female opponent in the highly public, supposedly civil forum of the third and final presidential debate of 2016... and, eventually, reflection turned to inspiration. Throughout human history, there have been countless examples of real-life women who have lived, and often died, in infamy—women who have been labeled "nasty" by their peers, by their societies, by those in power during their lifetimes (mostly men, fancy that!). What was it about these women that earned them this epithet? Can we, as modern human beings, and specifically as modern women, learn anything from their varied and interesting stories? And... wouldn't it be hilarious and amazing if they all were in a room together, discussing everything from politics to the proper use of the word "bitch" to the latest diet fads?

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Playing at the Hudson Guild Theater

441 West 26 Street
(between 9th and 10th Avenues)
New York, NY 10001